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Manage static resources such as css and javascript files dynamically using the integrated resource handler library.
The flexibility of grouping static resources makes it easier to control and manage static files importation into web pages. Docs
Organize and secure project files by implementing window logics designed for building structurally organized systems.
The application of route logics helps to organize project files and makes it easier to secure routes. Docs
Develop production ready web applications using the special features designed for cross-environmental compatibility.
Develop your project application in a way that ensures a seamless migration from devlopment stage to live production. Docs
Code Editors
The framework is designed to support both mobile and desktop web editors and web servers which makes web project applications portable. Although any web editor can be used for development, it is however recommended to use code editors that support the use of terminals which will make it easier to run helper commands. There are quite a number of desktop editors that may be employed for development based on user preferences. However, for mobile devices, we suggest the use of Acode editor.

Web Servers
Any third-party web server is supported by this framework. For android devices, we suggest the use of KSWEB server or Ultimate server or any other available mobile web server.

Spoova does not have any link or affiliation with any mentioned editor, third-party web servers and third-party libraries. The use of any of these listed items is solely based on user or developer's preferences.