About Framework
Spoova is a php mvc framework built for faster and dynamic cross-device web development.
Develop project applications in live state
Use inbuilt live server to develop projects in live state mode.
Manage routes with window shutters.
Manage routes easily by applying route logics using window shutters
Work smartly saving development time
Employ management structures that saves development time.
The spoova framework was built to emulate mobile compatibility and enable faster web development through the use of live server. It implements internal structures that makes it easier to manage and maintain project applications in a more dynamic way. The concept behind its creation is to provide a strong connection between online and offline development such that it simplifies file migration from development to production. Hence, it provides some useful backend and front-end functions that helps to easily map static files such as css and javascipt files to the development environment. It also uses a windows-frame mvc logic which follows a predefined templating structure for managing web pages.
Live server
The live server integrated plugin is a javascript powered feature that is introduced into the framework to enable a faster development by monitoring errors and changes within the application. This activity requires a lot of resources in order to be able to maintain a live state development. Several internal measures were put in place in order to minimize the intensive use of resources. Some good practices are also encouraged to help keep the live server efficient over a long range of time on web browsers.
Integrated features
Aside from the live server, other features of this framework include, integerated javascript plugins, local css library, in-built template engine, reusable components, bond components, route managers and resource management. Altogether, these features are introduced into the framework to make it easier to develop project applications.
Deploying Application
Spoova ensures to keep the project application development on a production-ready state as long as the integrated frontend and backend tools are employed. This means that once a project application has been sucessfully deployed on a live environment, it is automatically mapped to its enviroment. The root htaccess file is a key feature in the functionality of the framework which should not be tampered with. Also, all respective configuration files and database configuration access keys required to kickstart the framework should be properly configured.
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