Database Operations

Database operation
Database operations are executed mainly through the database handler DBHandler class. This class makes it possible to run queries easily through predefined helper methods. The features and functions provided through this class are quite important to a level in which they are also extended to database relationships. Here, we will focus on the basic database operations that can be performed through the database handler class.

Running Database Queries
The basic database operations include creating, updating, reading and deleting from data from the database. The DBHandler class provides some basic methods which makes it easier to perform database operations. These methods are grouped below based on the operation they perform

SQL setters: These are methods responsible for setting sql up queries. The main function of these methods is to provide a concise form of constructing sql queries in the format in which they can be easily processed. These methods are listed below:
CRUD Operators: These methods are mainly used to process or execute predefined sql queries. Their secondary purpose is to make it easier to recognize the type of database operation performed.
Helper Operators: These methods provide a form of ease when running database operations. They are mostly stand alone operators that are used to run fast operations on database tables such as creating or dropping tables, checking if a table exist, fetching database tables or table columns and so on. There are varieties of methods under these group and they are listed below
Database Relationships
Other database operations are performed through database relationships which involves communicating with the database using database structures or models which have close interaction with session accounts. More information is provided on database relationships here.