Loading meta tags
Meta tags are dynamically compiled through the Meta class. By default, spoova uses a top level meta tags configuration file icore/filemeta.php to dynamically setup the meta tags that are expected to be loaded to the web page while the meta tags automatic importation is handled by Resource compiler classes Resource or Ress classes such that at the first importation of static resource files to the web page, the meta tags configuration are also compiled and imported automatically along with the static resource files. This feature is not available by default but can be enabled manually through the icore/init core configuration file or by easily running the command below:
  php mi init RESOURCE_META on

Once enabled, the configured meta tags in the icore/filemeta.php will be added to the web page when resources are imported with the resource importing template directives such as @load() or @import() directives. However, if not enabled, developer can manually use the @meta('dump') directive to pull the meta tags to the web page.