Spoova 2.6!
This page provides information on the lastest changes and updates made on the spoova framework. The changes as outlined below will make it easier to identify what is new.
Live server improvements
New features have been added to the live server system to make it run for longer periods of time while the devices use of computing memories. These new additions includes more saftety practices and measures integerated to the live server system to boost its lifetime. More information about these features are provided here.

New Route Class
A new top level Route class has been added internally specifically for window Route files. This class does not include any known feature yet except that it provides more insight and meaning to Route files. In future, Route files will be required to extend to this class rather than its parent Window class. More information on this new class is provided here.

Improved Template Rendering
The template engine has been slightly improved with new template loading features along with a new template compiler directive @rex(). These new features will make it easier to relate with template files. More information on these new features are provided here.

Improved Template Layouts
The template layouts for embedded stylesheets and javascripts have been improved. This is done to address the issues with code IDE in understanding the template layouts. Learn more here.

Improved Shutter
New extended features are added to the window shutters to help improve the control they have in determining how routes are shut and how templates are rendered. This new feature includes extended responsiveness functionalities of route shutters for response headers and response template rendering. More information is provided on this here.

Cli commands
The spoova console can now be customized through a terminal commands management architecture. This new feature provides a template structure which spoova uses to determine how to render terminal commands, options, syntaxes and description. This will make it easier to manage a custom mi command. More information is available here.

Init configuration
The icore/init file contains some core configuration keys needed by the framework to work successfully well. Manually setting configuration keys might be stressful. With a newly introduced command, it becomes easier to configure the init file. Learn more from here.

New Route Generation Format
Routes are generated automatically through command line using a default class format. The old format has been slightly modified. This does not in any way affect how it is previously generated. Learn more from here.

New Resource Compiler
In the earlier versions of the framework, the Resource class internally handles the dynamic compilation of static resources before they are imported to the page through the Res class. In the new version of this framework, a new static resource compiler Ress now handles the logic that is used to compile static resource url. This step was taken to further improve the performace of the project application. Learn more from here.

Bug Fixes
Some of the bugs in earlier versions have been fixed. It is important to update spoova to the current version resolve any of the bugs discussed here.
For more details on spoova versions, you can track the spoova version updates from here.